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Provide regulatory compliance with federal and state oil spill prevention and response requirements while advancing innovative solutions to the unique challenges of operating in Alaska and the U.S. Arctic region


Alaska Chadux Network is an industry led and funded 501(c)(4) nonprofit oil spill response organization headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska.

We maintain 17 response ready equipment hubs throughout Southcentral and Western Alaska. We are ready to respond 24 hours a day.

Alaska Chadux Network's extensive preparedness measures help its members across Alaska transport, transfer, and store petroleum products safely.

Our dedicated and highly trained staff, coupled with our extensive equipment inventory, provides unparalleled compliance and response services.



State of Alaska Compliance

Oil Spill Response

Vessel Tracking

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Research & Development

Our Name

Our name depicts where we live and operate, what we do, and how we do our business:

Alaska - This is our home. We live here and understand the unique challenges of living and operating in Alaska. It also includes the U.S. Arctic region, offering significant opportunities and unique challenges.

Chadux - The word “chadux” is derived from the Aleut word for whale blubber. Over time, the word evolved to refer to fuel, and presently it refers to oil. Our business is to assist in preventing oil spills and responding to spills when needed.

Network - In addition to our own assets, we have amassed an unmatched system of capabilities and resources through a network of strategic partnerships to ensure effective and efficient oil spill prevention and response services.

Our logo represent the Alaska lands and seas upon we which operate.

Together, the Alaska Chadux Network is an industry led, nonprofit organization to provide the best value proposition for meeting federal and state oil spill compliance requirements for any organization.

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