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ACN Announces 2022 Vessel Fees

2022 Vessel Fee Update


The Board of Directors for Alaska Chadux̂ Network (ACN) voted unanimously in December 2021 to keep all transit-only vessel fees unchanged for 2022 and reduce the bundled State & Federal operating vessel fees. The update on specific rates and fees for 2022 for each category of vessel is detailed below:

Nontank Vessel Transit-Only Fees
ACN continues to offer the lowest listed fees for Transit-only Nontank vessel Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) coverage at 20% lower than other providers' published rates.

ACN remains dedicated to you as the most capable, transparent, and experienced oil spill compliance and response provider in Alaska. You are only invoiced when your vessel transits the ACN coverage area on non-innocent passage to/from a U.S. port and the invoice covers APC compliance for the vessel for 365 days from the invoice date, including unlimited transits. There are no annual retainer fees.

Nontank Vessel Bundled State & Federal Rates
Our new “bundled” rates are the lowest published oil spill compliance rates while providing you the highest quality services and most capable response system in Alaska. We offer a simple fee structure. Beginning in 2022, ACN will provide bundled State and Federal Nontank vessel coverage for the flat, low rate of $0.50/bbl, with NO additional Federal APC Fee. The new 2022 "bundled" rate equates to an average reduction of 18% from 2021 ACN State & Federal coverage fees. ACN is the only vessel coverage provider that offers Federal coverage for the entire Western Alaska and Prince William Sound Captain of the Port Zones AND State of Alaska coverage throughout Regions 2-10: Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, Kodiak Island, Aleutians, Bristol Bay, Western Alaska, Northwest Arctic, North Slope, and Interior.

Tank Vessel Transit-Only Fees
ACN offers the lowest listed rate for Transit only tank vessel coverage, $12,300 for 365 days with unlimited transits. ACN remains the only tank vessel compliance provider offering tank vessel coverage throughout the Western Alaska Sound Captain of the Port Zone (excluding Cook Inlet). Our comprehensive coverage allows vessel operators the most flexibility and freedom to maneuver without restriction or additional fees.

Tank Vessel Operating Fees
The Operating Tank Vessel compliance coverage fee in 2022 is reduced. The coverage rate of $0.44/bbl will remain unchanged, but we have removed the $7,000 fee for Federal APC coverage. The rate of $0.44/bbl includes State and Federal oil spill prevention and response compliance coverage for operating tank vessels. ACN remains the only tank vessel compliance provider that offers coverage throughout the Western Alaska Captain of the Port Zone (excluding Cook Inlet).

Easier Compliance Certificates
ACN’s Certificates of Coverage always remain valid and “evergreen” to ensure your vessel or fleet of vessels stay in continuous compliance with State and Federal oil spill prevention and response regulations.

Unapparelled capability to meet your compliance needs.
ACN places a heightened emphasis on providing the most comprehensive compliance suite of Alaska-based oil spill prevention and response services possible, and at a stable, equitable, and economical rate. As a nonprofit organization, our top priority is supporting your oil spill prevention and response compliance requirements at the best value.