Message from the President & CEO


Dear Members,

The importance of the unique Alaska marine and terrestrial environment coupled with one of the largest international marine transportation shipping routes in the world cannot be overstated. Alaska is a U.S. state dependent on the seas – for food, commerce, and transportation. Our vast and varied ecosystems teem with bountiful life that if disrupted could be irreparably harmed, as well as devastating to the people and communities that are dependent on a healthy terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem.

The confluence of diverse, remote shipping lanes, extreme weather, and an expansive coastline hosting sparse, remote, isolated communities with minimal infrastructure sets the stage for complex pollution regulation compliance and casualty response. These attributes make meeting federal and state oil spill pollution prevention and response regulations difficult for much of coastal Alaska, requiring innovative solutions to complex compliance problems.

The Alaska Chadux Network (ACN) was founded by executives in various stakeholder industries that both live and operate in Alaska to tackle these formidable challenges. We have pioneered programs that serve a diverse group of international and domestic companies in the maritime and oil and gas industries, setting best practices regarding oil spill prevention and response for Alaska operations. ACN provides oil storage facilities and vessels with an unparalleled and unprecedented compliance program to meet federal and state oil pollution regulations by using a combination of innovative risk mitigation and response preparedness measures. We believe in protecting your crew, your property, your business, your reputation, and the environment. Reducing risks to prevent an incident from occurring in Alaska is a keystone in our program. But should an incident occur, the Alaska Chadux Network is keenly poised to rapidly and effectively respond.

As a nonprofit, governed by executives from various segments of the maritime and oil and gas industries, Alaska Chadux Network should be viewed as part of your Safety Management System. ACN has an unrivaled, 24/7 vessel tracking and monitoring system that assists your vessels in safely transiting or operating in remote Alaskan waters. Our response capabilities are unmatched, incorporating the largest inventory of equipment and personnel in Western Alaska. And as an ACN member, you are also part of a socially responsible organization that invests in research and development in the latest oil spill prevention and response technologies.

I have spent over 12 years at sea, sailing in both the Pacific and Atlantic regions, and many more years overseeing maritime operations. I know all too well the unforgiving environment and risks of operating at sea and working in the remote regions of Alaska. Our team lives and works here in Alaska. No one knows this place better. No one can respond faster.

My commitment to you is to provide your business with the best value proposition for meeting your compliance needs for federal and state oil spill prevention and response requirements while protecting the environment and your business reputation. This website should answer many of your questions regarding our programs. We welcome your feedback.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Alaska Chadux Network, thank you for entrusting us to support your operations.


Best regards,


Buddy Custard

President and CEO