Our vast network of partners delivers a far greater impact than any single organization could generate on its own. Our alliances increase our influence in the oil spill prevention and response industry, shaping policies, and achieving a greater economy of program scale to manage and deliver our proven programs rapidly and effectively. This allows us to strengthen and expand our capabilities, leverage the expertise of our many partner companies, and streamline operations to gain efficiencies. At ACN, we proud to count these organizations as key partners.


The Marine Exchange of Alaska operates our 24/7 Monitoring Center. It is one of the most comprehensive systems in the world and is routinely relied upon by the U.S. Coast Guard. mxak.org


Paradigm Marine owns and operates a myriad of specialized marine equipment. Their vessels are engaged in spill response, emergency towing, salvage, marine transportation, and industrial services, some of which have been contracted to ACN. paradigmmarine.com


Global is a leader in the marine services industry with decades of experience managing complex, critical and technical projects in and around the water. They bring the expertise and resources necessary to get the job done quickly, reliably and safely – even in the most challenging environments. gdiving.com


Samson Rope assisted with the creation and development of the Emergency Vessel Attachment & Towing System (EVATS™) System. Samson-designed ropes are included as a part of the innovative vessel towing apparatus. samsonrope.com


Glosten Engineering also assisted with the creation and development of the Emergency Vessel Attachment & Towing System (EVATS™) System. The system is a testament to the importance of safety innovation technology development. glosten.com


ACN has a strategic alliance with T&T Marine Salvage, a global Salvage & Marine Firefighting service provider and national Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO). T&T Marine Salvage’s considerable resources staged in Alaska, throughout the United States, and internationally, provide additional response capacity and capabilities, as well as access to their immense collection of salvage assets and over 50-years of proven expertise in marine response operations. teichmangroup.com


ACN has established a strategic relationship with DONJON-SMIT to ensure their enrolled vessels benefit from a rapid and effective response when enrolled in both ACN APC programs and DONJON-SMIT OPA 90 services. DONJON-SMIT provides swift, cost-effective, environmentally conscious OPA-90 and related maritime salvage, firefighting and lightering services to every tank or non-tank vessel trading in U.S. waters. Should a DONJON-SMIT enrolled vessel experience operational issues in Western Alaska or Prince William Sound, ACN’s 24/7 monitoring center promptly notifies DONJON-SMIT so they can engage the vessel operator to determine if further assistance is needed. Donjon-SMIT OPA-90 Salvage


ACN maintains a contract with the Alaska SeaLife Center to provide specialized labor and equipment to support rehabilitation of oiled marine mammals. The Alaska SeaLife Center operates as a 501(c)(3), non-profit research institution and public aquarium in Seward, Alaska. The Center generates and shares scientific knowledge to promote understanding and stewardship of Alaska’s marine ecosystems. The ASLC is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. www.alaskasealife.org.


ACN maintains a contract with International Bird Rescue (IBR) to provide specialized labor in support of oiled bird response. IBR responders work around the world, responding to wildlife impacted by pollution incidents and natural disasters. IBR personnel have been mobilized to multiple Chadux responses starting with the Selendang Ayu in late 2004. birdrescue.org