Provide regulatory compliance with federal and state oil spill prevention and response requirements while advancing innovative solutions to the unique challenges of operating in Alaska and the U.S. Arctic region.

This statement drives our core business purpose, which is to enhance oil spill prevention and response capability readiness through the development of innovative risk mitigation measures, acquisition of response resources, increased training, implementation of new technology, and the expansion of regional and national partnerships to meet compliance requirements through strategic build-out.

Core Values



  • Respect: We give due deference to self and others, maintaining an environment of teamwork that values growth and individuality in a way that is authentic and true.
  • Integrity: We remain beyond reproach, acting with honesty while conducting business in a way that is transparent and ethical.
  • Stewardship: We act with the utmost care with the financial resources invested in us and are environmentally responsible.
  • Excellence: We strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible, providing stellar and responsive service to our clients each passing day.


Our Philosophy



Prevention Focused – Response Ready” is the Alaska Chadux Network’s ethos. Driving down risk of an oil pollution incident, and thus preventing it is, in the eyes of the maritime industry, on par with building and sustaining response capabilities in the region. As such, the Alaska Chadux Network believes our various programs must be approached holistically – a balance of risk mitigation measures and response capabilities.

Our primary goals are the safety of your crew and the protection of the environment for vessels and facilities operating in this challenging area while meeting environmental regulatory compliance requirements.

Our programs are built around the tenets of Prevent – Respond – Pioneer. Each tenet complements each other, creating a comprehensive system of prevention and response capabilities designed to protect the marine environment from an oil spill.

We believe avoiding an incident is far preferable to responding to a marine casualty and our program clearly demonstrates that belief.

Alaska Chadux Network has continuously defined and refined processes and procedures to meet the very real and unique challenges and requirements of vessels and facilities operating in Alaska. As a leader in the oil spill compliance industry, we remain committed to complementing your company’s safety management, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance programs.