Incident prevention is our first priority. The Alaska Chadux Network's 24/7 monitoring center is one of the most comprehensive maritime domain awareness systems in the world and is routinely relied upon by the U.S. Coast Guard. Our participants are provided vital real-time information that promotes safe, secure, and environmentally responsible maritime operations. We monitor an area of 1.5 million square miles of ocean, tracking over 10,000 vessel transits annually to mitigate potential situations to reduce the risk of an incident. Our system provides critical time to mobilize assets early, like emergency towing, which helps prevent the incident from escalating into an oil spill or worse.

Beyond Compliance - Protecting Alaska's Environment

Compliance with federal and state maritime regulations is just the start. At ACN, we’re committed to helping our planholders maintain the amazing quality of Alaska’s shared-use maritime and terrestrial environments.

Setting the Standard - Pioneering Exceptional Maritime Operations

Alaska is unique - and we know Alaska. Our Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) plans were developed by people who live in the Last Frontier, and are dedicated to maritime safety throughout these waters

24/7 Tracking and Monitoring - Maintaining Enhanced Vessel Safety

From enhanced system software to detect and alert watch-standers of potential vessel incidents to notification protocols to keep vessels safe during inclement weather, ACN’s tracking and monitoring capabilities are second to none.


Unparalleled Capabilities - Placed Where They Count

As the most comprehensive and experienced, highest Coast Guard-rated oil spill response organization (OSRO) in Western Alaska, ACN possesses a suite of strategic assets and proficiency in oil spill risk reduction and response.