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Alaska DEC New Online Reporting System – Spill Reporter

In October, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation's (ADEC) Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Program activated Spill Reporter, a new online spill reporting portal. ADEC encourages spillers to use Spill Reporter in lieu of making telephone notifications required by 18 AAC 75.300(a). Spill Reporter is accessible at Under 18 AAC 75.300(a), persons in charge of a facility or operation at which a discharge or release of oil or other hazardous substances occurs are required to notify the department of the spill by telephone within specific timeframes based on volume and receiving environment. Spill Reporter was developed to make reporting spills to ADEC easier and quicker for all potential spillers. It is an easy-to-use program that can be used anywhere in the state.

Alaska state law requires all oil and hazardous substance releases to be reported to the Department of Environmental Conservation. For federal reporting requirements, see the National Response Center website.

DEC encourages facilities that have posted Spill Reporting Placards to replace them with the new version. The new placard is shown below and it is available to be downloaded here.