The Alaska Chadux Network (ACN) has access to numerous types of owned and contracted response vessels throughout our coverage area.

  • Our offshore oil spill response vessels (OSRVs) provide subscribers with the only purpose-built, fully dedicated OSRV’s in Western Alaska.
  • ACN also owns and operates 15 response vessels, with an additional 47 vessels of opportunity distributed throughout our coverage area.
  • We have 31 barges of opportunity that have established agreements with ACN for a collective capacity of over 900,000 barrels.
  • We also have established agreements with 6 towing companies for a total of 19 tugs of opportunity that operate in Alaska.

Ocean Liberty

Owned by Paradigm Marine and under exclusive contract to the Alaska Chadux Network, the purpose-built 166-ft OSRV Ocean Liberty is based in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. The OSRV Ocean Liberty has been outfitted with response equipment from Alaska Chadux Network and T&T Marine Salvage, Inc., which includes an Ocean Buster 8 offshore oil collection system, 4,800 feet of inflatable ocean boom, 5,000 feet of harbor boom and two high-capacity, Lamor 50 skimmers ready for rapid deployment.

Using Chadux’s existing response resources makes the OSRV Ocean Liberty a fully functional oil spill response vessel in the ACN program ready for pollution prevention and response operations in Western Alaska.



For more information on Paradigm Marine go here.

Ocean-Liberty1-1 (1)

Sea Strike

The 146-ft OSRV Sea Strike is also under contract with the Alaska Chadux Network to support response incidents in Alaska. Based in Kodiak, the Sea Strike is a purpose-built OSRV with the capability to support spill response or salvage operations along the Pacific Rim including the Alaska Peninsula, Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Islands. With a berthing capacity of 15, a range of 5,000+ miles and considerable deck space for response or salvage gear, ACN subscribers have access to another specialized tool suited for response operations in remote Alaska locations.



For more information on Paradigm Marine go here.

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The 264-ft Oil Spill Response Barge (OSRB) Kittiwake is under exclusive contract to support response incidents in Alaska. The Kittiwake has a carrying capacity of over 23,000 barrels, two deck cranes, 4 lightering fenders, lightering transfer pump, and a cargo transfer pump.

  • LOA: 264 feet
  • Beam: 50 feet
  • Displacement: 1259 Gross
  • Product Capacity: 23,500
  • Cargo Tanks: 12
  • 65KW Genset
  • Office
  • Restroom with head





Landing Craft 24’-41

Capable of deploying and maintaining containment boom and performing on-water recovery operations. Each landing craft is powered by twin outboard, gas engines.

Work Skiff 16’-22’

ACN has a number of aluminum work skiffs in its inventory. These vessels are 18 to 22 feet long and are equipped with a single towpost for towing boom. The skiffs are suitable for use in protected harbors and in conjunction with larger support vessels. Capable of deploying and maintaining containment boom and supporting on-water recovery operations. Each skiff is powered by an outboard gas engine.


Inflatable Skiff 16’-18’

Chadux operates several inflatable Zodiac type vessels for near shore work. These craft are suitable for transporting personnel to the beach and work well to support wildlife capture and shoreline assessment teams. Inflatable skiffs may be used to tow fast water boom, but are generally not used for deploying and maintaining containment boom.