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Dutch Harbor field deployment exercise tests key offshore oil response assets

Alaska Chadux Corporation conducts field deployment exercise near Dutch Harbor, Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska Chadux Corporation conducted a field deployment exercise on August 15, 2020 in the vicinity of Dutch Harbor, Alaska to exercise its offshore oil spill response capabilities.

Using the oil spill response vessel Ocean Liberty, under contract to Chadux from Paradigm Marine, the Chadux team deployed its Ocean Buster system. The NOFI Ocean Buster system is designed to for oil spill recovery operations in open oceans areas.

The OSRV Ocean Liberty is the only fully dedicated oil spill response vessel based in Western Alaska at the port of Dutch Harbor, AK. To learn more about the OSRV Ocean Liberty, please visit Paradigm Marine's website at

"The Ocean Buster skimming systems is an impressive system involving several elements to safely deploy" said Chris Ellis, Chadux Response Supervisor. "Exercising with our responders, our VOO operators and the Paradigm crew is an important part of Chadux maintaining our readiness posture 24/7."

"Integrating Chadux responders with the crews of the Ocean Liberty and VOO's to deploy, operate and recover the Ocean Buster system safely is a critical objective in all involved" said Buddy Custard, Chadux General Manager. "In addition to operating the equipment and systems, these exercises also build the relationship among the various crews that are critical to successful responses."

Supporting the exercise were the vessels Nunya and Miss Alyssa. Both vessels are enrolled in Chadux's extensive Vessel of Opportunity (VOO) program. The Chadux VOO program pre-identifies and trains resident vessels to help support an oil spill incident in Western Alaska. Chadux possesses the largest number of vessels enrolled in its VOO program in Western Alaska


Founded in 1993, the Alaska Chadux Corporation is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation comprised of 60 member companies dedicated to oil spill incident planning and response. For more information, visit