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Network Announces Fleet Enrollment Option

Fleet Enrollment is now possible with Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network. Complete a new Part I Agreement with Schedule A listing all your fleet ships and you will receive a 5% discount on fees. You will be issued a Certificate of Participation effective January through December of each calendar year, which will automatically renew in December for the upcoming calendar year. Payments are not required until a fleet ship enters Alaskan waters. When this happens, the Network APC Monitoring Center will notify Enrollment and an invoice will be generated for that ship. The fee for that ship will cover a 12 month period from the date of the invoice, which may include part of another calendar year. In those cases, the ships will automatically be covered by the new certificate issued for that year.

The Network APC covers all of Western Alaska and all subareas where ships may transit or operate. On a typical transit, ships often use two or more subareas. When avoiding heavy weather, ships often deviate into multiple subareas for the safety of the ship and crew. Participation in the Network APC ensures your ships are in compliance with federal regulations. Other APCs do not cover multiple subareas. Normal operations typically include multiple subareas and the Network will cover all those areas. If you have any questions regarding coverage and compliance, pleases contact us.

Development of online Fleet Enrollment is underway and will be available soon.

Go to our  Contact page to enroll your fleet now.