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Network’s APC is only U.S. Coast Guard approved APC for all Western Alaska

Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network (Network) continues to receive inquiries regarding the coverage area for its Alternative Planning Criteria for Nontank Vessel Response Plans. The Network’s APC covers all of Western Alaska, which includes the Aleutian Islands, Gulf of Alaska and the Arctic. It is our understanding the Network’s APC is the ONLY APC approved by the U. S. Coast Guard for ALL subareas in the Western Alaska Captain of the Port Zone.

Ships transiting the great circle routes to or from a west coast port in the United States typically transit at least two subareas in Alaska. The attached graphic shows one such typical voyage that transits through more than one subarea. Participation in the Network’s APC provides regulatory compliance for these voyages. Aleutian Island subarea specific APCs cover only ships transiting the Aleutian Island subarea along the great circle route and do not provide complete regulatory compliance when ships transit or operate in other subareas. The Network recommends careful evaluation of ship routes and operations to ensure regulatory requirements are met. Network APC participants continue to have the most flexibility for transit voyages in Western Alaska along the great circle route.

The Network will continue to provide information as it becomes available concerning regulatory issues regarding APC compliance with federal oil spill prevention and response regulations.