Since 1993, the Alaska Chadux Network has provided unparalleled oil spill prevention and response services across a wide range of industries and federal and state agencies. With 17 response hubs strategically placed across Alaska, we can rapidly respond to any incident.

Incident prevention is our first priority. We offer a variety of training classes and exercises taught by certified instructors with experience in spill response, waste management incident management, and wildlife handling and rehabilitation. We also monitor vessels 24/7 to detect potential situations that can reduce the risk of an incident, providing time to mobilize assets early, like emergency towing, which help prevent the incident from becoming disastrous.

ACN services to support Federal and state oil spill contingency compliance include:

  • Oil spill response with personnel, equipment, and vessels to include containment, recovery, temporary storage, waste management, wildlife rehabilitation, decontamination, aerial observation, dispersant, and in situ burning.
  • Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) for both tank and nontank vessels to meet Vessel Response Plan requirements that transit through or operate throughout Western Alaska.
  • Personnel to assist with managing and leading an Incident / Spill Management Team.
  • Development of prevention and response contingency plans.
  • Plan and support exercises and drills per the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (NPREP).
  • Track and monitor vessel traffic to detect anomalies and prevent a potential incident from escalating.
  • Assist the operator, their Qualified Individual, or preferred Salvage Marine provider with identifying and coordinating emergency towing vessels or other vessels to render assistance as needed.
  • Train in the Incident Command System (ICS) and response related qualifications for Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE).


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Alternative Planning Criteria

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