Alternative Planning Criteria (APC)

Over 27 years of success initiating and setting the standard for APCs in Alaska

The Alaska Chadux Network (ACN) is an Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) Administrator for meeting Vessel Response Plan (VRP) compliance requirements found in 33 CFR Part 155 – Oil or Hazardous Material, Pollution Prevention Regulations for Vessels.

Upon the request by the U.S. Coast Guard, ACN pioneered the tank and nontank vessel APC programs in Alaska. By leveraging our extensive experience, partnerships, capabilities, and vision, ACN has become the most comprehensive APC provider for all vessel types that operate in Alaska.

We are the administrator of three Coast Guard-approved APC programs:

  • non-tank vessels that covers the entire coverage area;
  • tank vessels carrying Group I (non-persistent) oil as cargo in the Western Alaska COTP zone beyond Cook Inlet; and
  • tank vessels carrying Groups II -V (persistent) oil as cargo in the Western Alaska COTP zone beyond Cook Inlet.

As an APC Administrator, we are a trusted agent for vessel owners and operators operating in the remote regions of Western and Southcentral Alaska seeking alternatives to meeting certain federal Vessel Response Plan (VRP) requirements where the National Planning Criteria (NPC) outlined in 33 CFR 155 Subparts D and J are inappropriate for tank and nontank vessels respectively.

Our APC programs provide regulatory compliance for vessels using a combination of proven, innovative risk mitigation measures. These measures work in concert to prevent an oil spill incident from occurring or escalating and effective response capabilities are positioned throughout the Western Alaska and Prince William Sound Captain of the Port (COTP) Zones should an oil spill incident occur. In addition, we explore and fund the development and application of new technologies to enhance oil spill prevention and response measures.


We have pioneered innovated and comprehensive APC programs to manage and mitigate the gaps to meeting the federal National Planning Criteria for oil spill response in Alaska for the protection of the marine environment due to the area’s immense size with its remote and rugged coastlines, lack of infrastructure, sparse population, and unforgiving environmental conditions.

Our programs are tailored to a diverse and complex international maritime industry. Our participants range from coastal fishing vessels to large ocean-going container and bulk carrier ships to cruise ships to tank vessels. Nearly every major shipping sector from over 50 countries from around the world are represented within and rely on the Alaska Chadux Network.