Planning and Preparedness Equals Performance

The Alaska Chadux Network regularly assists its members in planning and preparing for response activities. Through contingency plan review, site and equipment inspections, training and exercises, and other consultation, ACN can help vessel and facility personnel understand their responsibilities during a pollution incident.



ACN offers a variety of classes taught by qualified instructors with experience in spill response and incident management. Classes and exercises are scheduled to keep company employees and contract personnel trained and response-ready.

ACN offers a variety of health and safety, environmental compliance, ICS, and response-related training classes:

    • HAZWOPER training (29 CFR 1910.120)
      • 24-hour HAZMAT technician
      • 8-hr refresher training
    • Contingency Plan orientation and training
    • Marine Spill Response training
    • Terrestrial Spill Response training
    • Facility Spill response equipment training
    • ICS training
    • Vessel of Opportunity training

ACN can also custom build training classes to meet member's needs.


Alaska Chadux Network (ACN) exercises its response equipment and contractors regularly to ensure response readiness. These exercises are conducted and documented in accordance with the Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP). Three hubs are fully exercised every year, and the equipment in each ACN hub is inspected and serviced every year.

Our client companies and local response organizations are invited to inquire about participating in these exercises. ACN can also assist subscriber companies in planning, conducting, evaluating, and documenting their own exercises.

Contact ACN’s Planning & Development Manager, Matt Green, at (907) 348-2301 or via e-mail at for more information.