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We operate in both the Western Alaska and Prince William Sound Captain of the Port Zones and Interior Alaska.

Resources include equipment and personnel to provide spill containment, collection, temporary storage, decontamination, waste disposal, specialized wildlife response, remote communications, aerial observation, and staging support. ACN has dedicated response hubs in the regions of Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, Kodiak Island, the Aleutian islands, Bristol Bay, Western Alaska, Northwest Arctic, and the North Slope - a total area spanning over 400,000 square miles. ACN response resources are available for deployment 24 hours per day.

ACN Provides The Following Response Services

  • Spill response personnel
  • Wildlife response personnel and equipment
  • Incident Management Team personnel
  • Safety resources
  • Response vessels
  • Containment equipment
  • Recovery equipment
  • Storage equipment
  • Decontamination resources
  • Cleanup equipment
  • Demobilization services
  • Aerial Observation
  • Exploratory drilling service
  • In Situ Burning
  • Dispersant

Response Vessels & Equipment

ACN has access to numerous types of response vessels throughout our coverage area. For example, the 146-ft OSRV Sea Strike is stationed in Kodiak. These vessels will provide ACN members with the only purpose-built OSRVs in Alaska.

We also own and operate 15 response vessels of their own, with an additional 45+ vessels of opportunity distributed throughout our coverage area. There are 31 barges of opportunity that have established agreements with us for a collective capacity of over 900,000 barrels. We also have established agreements with numerous towing companies for tugs of opportunity that operate throughout Alaska.

For a complete listing of response capabilities, visit the Capabilitiespages.