Strength Through Partnership - Harnessing the Best of Alaska Expertise

The Alaska Chadux Network itself brings nearly three decades of experience in land- and maritime-based oil spill prevention and response. But what sets us apart is our special relationships with other Alaska organizations. They bring the best of their expertise to the table for our enrollees and subscribers. Over the last 27 years, we've been able to partner with them on special projects, new initiatives, and innovative strategies to improve safety and compliance. As an award-winning, industry-led nonprofit, we're incredibly proud of those partnerships and their results. They demonstrate that we are committed to cooperation, safety, excellence, and protecting the Last Frontier's shared-use maritime and terrestrial environments.

Maintaining Vessel Safety - 24/7 Monitoring

The vastness of Alaska's coastline is staggering, and the bodies of water surrounding it are challenging. Because of our ongoing partnership with the Marine Exchange of Alaska, our enrollees have access to 24/7 monitoring and tracking of their vessels. Located in Juneau, Alaska it is operated by trained professionals who know the area best.

The Monitoring Center is one of the most comprehensive non-governmental Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) vessel tracking and monitoring network in the world. It covers an area of over 1.5 million square miles of navigable waters surrounding Alaska in an effort to protect crews, cargo, and Alaska’s coastline.

Innovative Incident Response - The PRRC

Despite the best of intentions or preparations, incidents will happen. But when they do, we're there with our partners to respond. One of our newest innovative response tactics is the Pacific Rim Response Center, or PRRC, based in Kodiak. This facility is a partnership with our friends at Paradigm Marine and Global Diving and Salvage. The PRRC is a facility that serves as a hub for a comprehensive suite of maritime resources. Working together, they provide vessel support, marine casualty response, and oil and hazardous spill response.

With personnel and assets staged in Kodiak, the region is better served.  Paradigm’s expansive marine construction and vessel fleet, along with our vast inventory of oil spill response resources and Global’s extensive commercial diving, marine casualty response, and construction capabilities, work well together. The PRRC is located near the only year-round, all-weather airport in the Gulf of Alaska that can handle commercial and cargo aircraft. It also PRRC features 600’ of deep-water dock space, office facilities, and a large, secure equipment staging and storage yard.

Pioneering Safety Technology - the EVATS™ System

We believe that safety is never static. Continued advances in technology and best practices mean that we're constantly looking for new ways to make shipping and land-based oil storage safer. The Emergency Vessel Attachment and Towing System - or EVATS™ - is a prime example. EVATS™ was conceived, created, and developed through a partnership between ACN and our colleagues at Samson Rope Technologies and Glosten Engineering.

EVATS™ is a safer way to tow ships in distress, particularly in heavy weather and low light conditions. In 2019, EVATS™ underwent a sea trial with the Norwegian Coast Guard and exceeded the crews' expectations. The success of this unique technology is just one example of how our nonprofit status allows us to prioritize pioneering innovative safety technology.

Rapid Incident Mitigation - Strategic, Timely Response

ACN has a strategic alliance with T&T Marine Salvage, a global Salvage & Marine Firefighting service provider and national Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO). T&T Marine Salvage’s considerable resources staged in Alaska, throughout the United States, and internationally, provide additional response capacity and capabilities, as well as access to their immense collection of salvage assets and over 50-years of proven expertise in marine response operations.

Protecting Alaska's Treasures - Fostering Stewardship

Alaska's maritime and terrestrial environments are unique, and deserving of protection. Both land and water resources are not only habitats for wildlife, but also places of subsistence, recreation, and commerce. At ACN, we believe it's critical that our shipping and storage industries are good stewards of the environments they use, and good partners with others who also take advantage of these shared-use environments. We've partnered with International Bird Rescue and the Alaska SeaLife Center to create innovative programs to help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in the event of an incident on the water. Our enrollees, subscribers, and community members trust us because of our holistic commitment to excellence. The facilitation of post-incident recovery is just one more example of how we fulfill that duty.