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The Network and Alaska Chadux Corporation Announce Enhanced Oil Spill Response and Equipment Program for Western Alaska

The Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network (Network) and Alaska Chadux Corporation (Chadux) have completed terms for a financial grant from the Network to Chadux to acquire and stage additional oil spill response resources for the Captain of the Port Zones of Western Alaska and Prince William Sound covered in the Network Nontank Vessel Alternative Planning Criteria (NTV APC) program. The equipment enhances Chadux’s current response resource inventory by adding a Large Vessel Booming Package, a Western Alaska Rapid Response Package, and by establishing enhanced response capability in Adak, Alaska. The new Adak response resource package will be managed by Chadux and staged in close cooperation and coordination with The Aleut Corporation. The new response resources will be phased into Chadux’s response resource inventory over the next nine months.

“When the NTV APC was approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, the Network made a commitment to enhance response resources in Western Alaska” said Ed Page, President of the Network. “Chadux has extensive experience and a proven record of carrying out oil spill responses throughout Alaska’s extreme operating environment. We are confident that funding this expansion of Chadux’s response capability will enhance their ability to respond throughout Prince William Sound and Western Alaska.”

“Chadux is excited to be a part of the Network’s vision for reducing the threat of vessel causalities and enhancement of response resources in Alaska” said Jeff Savage, President of Chadux. “Chadux is confident it can maintain readiness with this expanded capability in a cost effective manner for many years to come.”

Captain of the Port of Western Alaska Capt. Paul Mehler, III, was pleased to see this demonstration of cooperation and enhanced capability given the NTV APC’s short 10 month history. “The U.S. Coast Guard is pleased with the Network’s success with its vessel monitoring program, but is especially glad to see the Network follow through their first year plan with the addition of this new response capability in Western Alaska” said Capt. Mehler. “We are confident this demonstration of Alaskans working together will bode well for future improvements that will help protect Alaskan’s coastal communities and all vessel operators across the vast coastline of Western Alaska.”

The Network is an Alaskan based nonprofit corporation that has implemented spill response and prevention measures that best meet the environmental protection objectives of federal NTV regulations. Formed originally to implement the Network tank vessel APC in 2011, the Network now administers the NTV APC for vessels operating in both Western Alaska and Prince William Sound Captain Page 2 of 2 of the Port Zones. Working with Chadux, as the APC Alaska based OSRO, and Marine Exchange of Alaska, to provide the vessel monitoring component of the NTV APC, the Network is committed to implementing creative and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of nontank vessel operators sailing Alaska waters.

Chadux is a member funded, nonprofit oil spill response organization headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. Chadux is classified as an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) by the U.S. Coast Guard, and registered as a Primary Response Action Contractor (PRAC) and a Nontank Vessel Cleanup Contractor (NTVCC) with the State of Alaska. Chadux provides resources and services to contain, control, and clean up petroleum spills throughout Alaska for members, nonmembers and U.S. Coast Guard directed responses. Chadux’s main headquarters and warehouse are located in Anchorage where they have response resources packaged for rapid transport via land, water, or air. Chadux has additional equipment in 11 response hubs in strategic locations throughout Alaska.

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