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The Network Continues to Provide APC Regulatory Compliance for Tank & Nontank Vessels throughout Western Alaska & Prince William Sound

Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network (Network) recently learned the U. S. Coast Guard has approved a second nontank vessel Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) for vessels “ transiting the Aleutian subarea of the Western Alaska COTP zone” (1Call Approval; USCG, May 14, 2015).  The Network APC continues to provide compliance for vessels that both transit or operate in the Aleutian subarea.

Despite confusing and misleading information that has circulated regarding this recent decision by the U. S. Coast Guard, the Network continues to provide APC compliance for ALL enrollees and for ALL areas used by shipping traffic on great circle routes through Alaska.  This includes the area south of Kodiak and east of the Aleutian subareas which requires APC coverage for many vessels that travel to or from U. S. ports along the Great Circle Route.

Network enrollees continue to have access to the largest cache of pre-staged response equipment in Alaska, staged in 13 response hubs state-wide including Adak, Dutch Harbor, and Kodiak.  Enrollees also continue to have 24/7 access to an experienced monitoring center that confirms and assists participants’ compliance with APC guidelines.

The Network will continue to investigate the details and impacts of the recent U. S. Coast Guard decision and provide updates in case there are any changes in the Network’s operating or administrative procedures.

Further information may be available from your Vessel Response Plan Administrator. Any questions and/or concerns should be sent to (preferred) or by calling (907) 754-9700.