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U.S. Coast Guard Visits Pacific Rim Response Center in Kodiak

The 207 foot, 90-tons bollard pull, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel Endurance moored at the PRRC in Kodiak, AK.

On November 9, 2022, the new Chief of Response for U. S. Coast Guard Sector Anchorage (Commander Chris Svencer) visited the Pacific Rim Response Center (PRRC).

Dan Powell, lead spill response technician from Alaska Chadux̂ Network (ACN), said the visit reinforced the marine casualty response capability that ACN has built out in Western Alaska.

“Many people do not understand the resources available in central and western Alaska ACN has developed," Powell said. "Commander Svencer’s visit to the PRRC was an opportunity to highlight the depth of ACN’s marine casualty response capabilities and the challenges of responding in Western Alaska.”

Russell Rosner, Paradigm Marine Kodiak Supervisor, provided a tour of several Paradigm Marine response vessels berthed at the PRRC. “We welcomed the visit by Commander Svencer at the PRRC. It was a great opportunity to help him learn about all our marine response capabilities," said Rosner re-capping the visit.

In addition to visiting the ocean going tug Pacific Warrior, oil spill response vessel Sea Strike and the anchor-handling tug supply vessel Endurance, Commander Svencer reviewed ACN’s oil spill response resource caches and the forward operating response center at the PRRC. This included the many response vans full of spill equipment, meeting rooms, and real-time monitoring of vessels traffic via the PRCC’s virtual connection to the ACN monitoring center.

The PRRC is a cooperative effort to provide emergency response services to vessel operating throughout Western and Central Alaska. The facility includes response resources from ACN, Paradigm Marine, and Global Diving & Salvage. It is the most prepared response center in Gulf of Alaska and Western Alaska.