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Western Alaska Tanker Lightering Best Practices Committee Meeting

Committee participants tour Alaska Chadux̂ Network's equipment yard. Committee members include the tank vessel and barge operators, Alaska Marine pilots, U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA Coast Survey, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Ocean Conservancy, and Alaska Chadux̂ Network.

The Western Alaska Tanker Lightering Best Practices Committee met on November 10, 2022, with participants providing a recap on another successful season delivering fuel throughout the Western Alaska communities. The Committee’s united voice reflects its strong commitment to enhancing safe, efficient, and environmentally sound tanker fuel transfer maritime operations in Western Alaska by fostering a productive exchange of information among tanker owners and operators, and other stakeholders, establishing and promoting best practices and standards of care.

Over 133 million gallons of fuel was safely delivered this season due in part to the best practice guidelines generated by this committee and through close coordination among the vessel operators, federal and state regulators, marine pilots, and other stakeholders.