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Why Choose the Network?

Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network (Network) is now providing federal regulatory compliance services to hundreds of vessels and is gearing up to expand and improve services this year.

The Network remains the only practical and cost effective alternative for full OPA 90 compliance in Western Alaska and Prince William Sound.

The support and encouragement as started up is very much appreciated – from our enrollees and partners, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

In 2014, the Network:

  • Implemented enrollment system accommodating over 2,000 vessel operators
  • Demonstrated 24/7 ability to monitor vessel compliance and maintain quality communications
  • Enhanced vessel tracking capability with additional terrestrial AIS sites
  • Developed and implemented Emergency Information Communications System (EICS)
  • Funded OSRO acquisition and staging of 2 large vessel booming packages and a Western Alaska Rapid Response equipment package
  • Expanded the Network’s Board of Directors
  • Delivered regular updates to USCG on Networks’ effort to implement and comply with the NTV APC
  • Established an office in Anchorage
  • Initiated research and development of ship arrestors

In 2015, the Network will continue expanding services and capabilities by implementing a streamlined, web-based enrollment system; developing an exercise schedule; conducting field evaluations of ship arrestors; expanding participation in tug of opportunity programs; and staging additional oil spill recovery equipment.