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Alaska Chadux̂ Network to be featured in a national TV show hosted by actor Ted Danson on Saturday, April 22nd

The Alaska Chadux̂ Network (ACN) provides state and federal oil spill compliance and response services throughout Western Alaska.

On Saturday, April 22nd at 8 PM, the national TV program Advancements with Ted Danson airing on the Bloomberg Network, will feature ACN on its show. The episode will be airing through Bloomberg TV via cable and satellite providers only. It will not be available through the Bloomberg website, streaming app, or any other platform during the live broadcast. After the broadcast, the show will be available on the Advancements website and Amazon Prime streaming app.

"We're quite pleased our non-profit organization can be highlighted by Mr. Danson on Advancements," notes Buddy Custard, President & Chief Executive Officer of Alaska Chadux̂ Network. "Chadux̂'s mission remains to provide regulatory compliance with federal and state oil prevention and response efforts. Being reported on at a national
level shines a light on the successes of Alaska's vigilant maritime protection, which we're honored to be leaders in delivering."


"Advancements covers a vast number of industries and economies, featuring state-of-the-art technologies and solutions dedicated to shaping, molding, and transforming our world. Aiming to create a new level of social awareness, Advancements brings this vital information to the public in an effort to educate on the effects of such significant contributions," per Advancement's website: "Alaskans should be proud of our state's phenomenal spill prevention and response record. Alaska Chadux̂ Network is committed to maintaining these critical protections," adds Custard.

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